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What To Wear

Why is following the dress code important?

Not only is the dress code in place for the safety of your dancer, but to teach your dancer discipline and uniformity in dance. The first weeks of class dancers will be given a grace period while they purchase necessary items. After this period has ended if a dancer is not properly dressed he/she may be asked to sit out of class. 

Discounted leotards and tights are available to purchase at the studio.

  • BALLET - Leotard (color of leotard pending level, please see below), pink tights and pink ballet shoes (split sole), skirts, wraps, shorts over tights or tutus are allowed. No dance pants, unless it is a male dancer.

  • Hair should be slicked back in a tight bun.     

    • Toddler: Pink Leotard with skirt

    • 4/5 Combo: Pink Leotard

    • Level 1: Blue Leotard

    • Level 2: Purple Leotard

    • Level 3: Purple or Black Leotard

    • Level 4: Black Leotard​

    • Level 5: Black Leotard

  • TAP - Form fitting clothing with black tap shoes

  • JAZZ - Form fitting clothing is necessary to see the lines of the body. Jazz shoes or pirouettes (turners) are acceptable shoes.  

  • ADULT CLASSES: Comfortable clothing and appropriate shoes for style of dance     


  • LYRICAL/MODERN/CONTEMPORARY - Form-fitting, comfortable attire and jazz/turn shoes. Hair should be up and away from the face. Dance socks are also acceptable during these classes.

  • HIPHOP - Comfortable clothing with clean gym shoes that are worn ONLY for dance. Jeans should not be worn.

  • ACRO/TOTS TUMBLING-Leotard or form fitting clothing. Tights should not be worn. Hair should be up and away from the face.

  • TURNS & LEAPS: Spandex shorts/shorts and form fitting tops jazz/pirouettes shoes. Lines are extremely important and needing to see the body is vital.  Hair should be up and away from the face. Additionally, each dancer needs a set of ankle weights. Beginner class no more than 1lb, intermediate and advanced need 2lb+ weights.

  • TODDLER-Pink leotard with pink tights, and ballet shoes. Hair should be up in a bun if possible.  

  • 4/5 YEAR OLD COMBO:  Pink leotard with pink tights, ballet shoes, and tap shoes. Hair should be up and in a bun if possible.   

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