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4.1.3. Dance Company


4.1.3. Company

4.1.3. Company is our award-winning, nationally ranked competitive dance team. Members aged 5-18 audition yearly and compete in solos, duets, trios, groups, and productions of all types. Our company dancers are required to take specific classes and are challenged to push their training to the next level. We're so proud of how hard our teachers and dancers work to achieve success on the competition floor & how they challenge themselves to be better dancers, teachers, and humans every day. 

Feel free to review our Q&A regarding our company team and email us with any questions you may have

The Best is Yet to Come...


Our 2023-2024   Team




We had an amazing experience with On Point National Dance Comp! Our dancers competed against some amazing dancers an and are coming home with numerous overalls and National Champion titles! We are extremely proud of our dancers and the hard work and dedication that they put into this season. We can't wait to see what next season brings!

Elastic Heart  - 2nd Position Teen Large Group National Champions, Ultimate Victory Champion, and highest scoring 13+ routine!

Choreography: Ryan Hoffmann


Chasing Cars -2nd Position Junior Large Group National Champions and Ultimate Victory Champions! 

Choreography: Alyssa Androff, Annie Vassar


In Love - 3rd position Senior Large Group Ultimate Victory Champion! 

Choreography: Ryan Hoffmann, Annie Vassar 


Can you Handle It? - 2nd position Teen Small Group National Champions, Ultimate Victory Runner-up along with a Choreography award!

Choreography: Ryan Hoffmann 


Emergency - 2nd position Mini Large Group Ultimate Victory Runner-up along with an Entertainment award!

Choreography: Jenna Alcazar, Alyssa Androff


The Struggle - 3rd position Senior Small Group Third Overall in the Ultimate Victory along with a Choreography award! 

Choreography: Annie Vassar 


Additional Battle Contenders: It’s Raining Men, Guess Who


National Solo Champions:

Butterfly Fly Away - Ruby - 1st Position Mini National Champion 

Choreography: Colle Dillner


Fireball - Sabrina - 3rd Position Miss Junior On Point

Choreography: Chelsea Doss 


Radio - Nevaeh - 1st Position Junior National Champion  

Choreography: Val Jones 


Bones - Evelyn - 2nd Position Teen National Champion 

Choreography: Annie Vassar 

Other top ten overalls: 


2nd overall: 

Show Off - Mini Solo - Addyson - 1st Position

Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Junior Solo - Finley - 2nd Position 

Breathe - Teen Solo - Gabby  - 2nd Position

My Boyfriend's Back - Mini Trio  - 2nd Position

Hot - Junior Large Group - 2nd position

3rd overall:

Stupid Cupid - Mini Solo - Addy - 2nd Position

Everywhere I Go - Junior Solo - Addie - 1st Position

Move - Mini Solo - Laney - 1st Position

4th overall:

Circus - Mini Solo - Brielle  - Entertainment Award -3rd position 

Labels or Love - Mini Solo - Lily -1st position

I Blame You - Senior Solo - Adalynn - 2nd Position

LOVE - Mini Solo - Finley - 2nd position

Young & Beautiful - Teen Solo - Libby - 2nd Position
Gone Shoppin' - Mini Large Group - 2nd Position


5th Overall:

Show Me the Money - Junior Duet - Briley/Sabrina  Awesome Attack Award - 3rd position

All You Ever Did - Junior Solo - Briley - 3rd position

Madness - Senior Solo - Lydia -2nd position


6th Overall:

In The End - Junior Solo - Sabrina - In the End -3rd position

We'll See - Senior Solo  - Leila - Master of Musicality - 3rd position


7th Overall: 

You Say - Junior Solo - Ella - You Say - Passion Award -3rd position

8th Overall: 

Guess Who - Teen Large Group - Beast Mode Award, Entertainment Award -3rd position


9th Overall:

With Whom I Walk - Teen Duet - Adalynn/Leila -3rd position 


10th Overall:

Breaking' Replays - Teen Small Group - Standout Award - 3rd position


Other Judges Awards:

Feedback - Attention to Detail Award - Teen jazz - 2nd position

Bailar - Starr - Sweet & Spicy Award - Teen open solo - 2nd position

It’s Raining Men - Sweet & Sassy Award  - Jr small group jazz - 3rd position

Believe - Kennedy - Captivating Performance - Teen lyrical solo - 2nd position

We also had an AMAZING parent dance "The Glory Days"who made it to the final four! 

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