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4.1.3. Dance Company


What should I expect from 4.1.3 Company?

Being apart of 4.1.3. Dance Company is a huge responsibility and privilege. We hold our dancers to the highest caliber and expect them to practice and perform with integrity, pride, and respect. Not only is the company team an exciting time, it is also has a time commitment and financial responsibility.

We will be attending multiple competitions and conventions starting in October finishing with Nationals in July. There may be additional performances and events offered to company members as well.

Financial Obligation

The financial obligations include but are not limited to: choreography, costumes, convention fees, competition fees, travel, team gear, and mandatory studio classes/rehearsals. Fundraisers will be made available to help offset costs for competitions/conventions.

Time Commitment

While company members will be dedicating a large amount of time to their honor their commitment, we also understand that kids have other commitments. On a school dance team? So are we. We want to make this a wonderful experience for you inside and outside of the studio.  Absences will need to be known well in advance and open communication is key to provide all with the best experience.

Required Classes

All company members are required to take ballet, and turns and leaps of the appropriate level. We also require them to take a minimum of two other classes of their choosing. Dancers are always encouraged to take more classes, but the above are required for our competition dancers. We encourage our dancers to take as many styles as possible to prepare them for not only competitions, but future endeavors.